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It’s hard to really describe how thick the fog can get in the low countries, and Belgium in particular.  Plus, it also amazed me, given an confronting wall of what, how insanely people can drive over there.  Good Advice , when driving in Belgium, can be found from AngloInfo:

As fog can alter the perception of speed and distance, it is important to slow down and drive more defensively.

  • Drive with lights on, and if visibility is very poor, use fog lights.
  • Use the windshield wipers to clear accumulated mist off of the windscreen.
  • Check the speedometer occasionally as fog can distort the perception of speed and the vehicle could be going much faster than it seems.
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    1. I enjoyed your tips on driving in the Belgian fog. I am writing a book about my Uncle’s World War 2 experiences in Belgium and touch upon the dense fog the prolonged the Battle of the Bulge.

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