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A few weeks ago, I worked in warehouse and listened to a lot of podcasts, and so I posted reviews of them here. I got laid off. Went for a spell unemployed, and now, I have a job doing overnight stays in the human services industry. Rules of patient confidentiality dictate that I can’t say much about the job and the patients. Lets just say that after some house cleaning, I literally have hours to kill. There’s no internet connection, which means that I’ve been doing a lot of reading. I’ve also been watching lots of horror movies while drinking lots of coffee — falling asleep at 4am is grounds for getting fired. That’s largely why movie and book reviews will be posted to this blog with a greater frequency.

Anyhow, academic jobs seem few and far between these days. I just was assigned three classes for the fall semester, and Kean University called and said, “No, we don’t want you full time, but would you be willing to drive to Newark for adjunct pay? I really like your CV.” Um. No. At least the guy understood that part time pay wouldn’t even fill my gas tank to Newark on a regular basis. I interviewed for a computer based job in a library. But oh well, my luck in academia is not that bankable. So, at least I have a job now, one that’s largely immune to the economy sucking big time.



  1. Hey, there’s always room for you in the insurance industry. Come on, join the party! One of us! One of us!

  2. Only if it’s anything like Monty Python’s vision of finance and corporate piracy in The Meaning of Life.

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