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I’m not exactly a military brat, since my father was never in the military.  However, one of the things about growing up overseas with a father that worked in the Department of Defense is that you’re routinely around all the branches of the service, as opposed to just one.  I’ve lived near Army Bases, Navy Bases, Marine Corps Bases, and Air Force Bases.  One of the minor issues with that, however, is something I like to call acronym fatigue.  Basically, the armed services have acronyms and abbreviations for EVERYTHING.  One that always confused me was BX and PX.  They’re essentially the same thing — the tax free department store on base.  In the Air Force, it’s BX for Base Exchange.  In the Army, it’s PX for Post Exchange.  The Navy?  NEX for Navy Exchange.  Marines, like at Camp Lejeune?  MCX for Marine Corps Exchange.

Thankfully, there’s a website like that has a ready glossary for the millions of abbrievations the armed services use.


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