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In Europe, it’s really hard to travel around and not see the lingering effects of the War and Nazi Occupation, even many, many decades later.  There’s a sensitivity to fascisim that runs deep — whether it’s the Nazi Party being outlawed in Germany, or much, much smaller things.  To some conservatives, the following might seem a little too “politically correct.”  On the other hand, one must remember that soccer hooliganism is one of the last bastions of white supremacy in Europe.  Care of the Brussels Journal:

Patrick Dewael, the Belgian minister of the Interior, has forbidden the wearing of football shirts displaying the numbers 18 and 88. According to the Liberal minister the number 18 stands for “Adolf Hitler” and the number 88 for “Heil Hitler.” A is the 1st letter of the alphabet, H the 8th.

The numbers 37 (Che Guevara) or 13 (Mao) are not forbidden. Neither are the popular T-shirts with Che Guevara’s portrait.

One reader in a Brussels paper wondered whether citizens living in houses with the numbers 18 and 88 will be blacklisted as Nazis by the authorities. Young people born in 1988, who have email addresses containing their year of birth, are worried too.

The last couple of points could be taken as sarcasm.


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  1. First of all, thanks for having me on your blogroll. I actually hadn’t noticed yet until WordPress presented your link.

    You correctly pointed out that soccer hooliganism is one of the last bastions of white supremacy in Europe.

    In Dutch-speaking northern Belgium, “white supremacy” equals the VB party (“Vlaams blok”, now renamed “Vlaams Belang”), a party that had been outlawed for racism but keeps up a rather disgusting extreme right-wing “anti-everything” stand.

    However, the highly controversial blog you quoted ( is written/edited by extreme right-winger Paul Belien, who’s wife was a member of parliament for the very same outlawed racist “Vlaams Blok”
    (you can check the facts at Wikipedia).

    Just putting some facts in perspective 😉

    All the best from Antwerp, Belgium, wherever you may be at present.

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