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When I lived in Bermuda, there were a ton of things I missed out on. Since I lived close to the Naval Air Station, most of the goods my family consumed came from the naval commissary. St. David’s Island, or at least the part of it I lived on, had no convenience stores. If you needed something, you either went on base or to St. George. So, when it came to soft drinks, I most drank American. And, to be fair, most of what was in Bermuda were American products. So, anyhow, I happened into this can Barritts at a liquor store here in New Jersey. Had to try it, and I have to say, it screams GINGER!

Anyhow, here’s a history of the company.



  1. Here’s another good choice for Ginger Beer in the US. Fentimans Botanically Brewed Ginger Beer was first produced in 1905 in Northern England by founder Thomas Fentiman. Today, his great-grandson, Eldon, is continuing the tradition. The product is now produced in the US, as well, maintaining a 7-day fermentation and brewing process that sets it apart from most Ginger Beers available in the US. Other varieties include Dandelion & Burdock, Shandy, Curiosity Cola, Victorian Lemonade and Mandarin & Seville Orange Jigger. Cheers!

  2. Stewart’s ginger beer isn’t bad. It’ll give you a ginger tingle in the back of your throat, but doesn’t have that weird soapy aftertaste that the ginger beer I used to get in England had. BTW, Stewart’s key lime soda’s really good, too.

  3. I don’t recall drinking much Ginger Beer in the UK, myself. The weird thing was when my mom packed a Shandy into my bag lunch, when I was in Elementary School. I know Jamaica , though, has produced a few good alcoholic Ginger Beers — but I drank those in North Carolina, not Bermuda or the UK, for some strange reason. (My wife worked at a kick-butt organic food store there that had an awesome beer selection).

  4. Having made ginger beer for several years and now producing Regatta(r) brand of Bermuda Ginger Beer I can say that it is preferred hands down to any other Bermuda Brand. Starting from all natural ingredients not natural and artificial and not HFCS as in other brands the cleaner fresher taste is apparant to most mixologists. if you have trouble finding it contact me.

  5. Barritt’s Ginger Beer replaced pure cane sugar with fructose corn syrup…ruined the product….!!! uuuggghhh!!!!

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