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Read the blog, especially this. I also write fiction, which why I collect links on the places I’ve lived or visited.



  1. Hey Rich.. Don’t know if you remember me or not. Came across this site by mistake. We went to school together in Soesterberg.
    Check out myspace. There is page for SHS and anyone who went there. It would be nice to hear from you and what your dad is up too these days… Take care
    Lisa c/0 95

  2. Rich,

    Can you please contact me. I’m the webmaster of a website about the Wolfhounds and curious or you want to contribute some photos.


  3. Rich, would you drop me an email? I want to pick your brain and update my knowledge of poetry as I want to publish a few volumes of it (not by me, I’m not a poet)

  4. Hi Rich…I just happened across your website…I attended SHAPE 82-85 (class of 87)…Your thoughts ring so true and, the fact about Mons is very, well, interesting and poetic at the same time. Would love to chat..touch base. Steve

  5. I’ll send you an email later on tonight.

    I attended there like ’88, or ’89 before moving to Soesterberg, where I graduated in 1992.

    • Kimberly Fairchild
    • Posted January 12, 2009 at 2:12 am
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    Hi, I graduated in 1985 from Soesterberg. I was searching for any information on our school and found your blog about the hallway. I looked through my yearbooks, when were you at Soesterberg? My maiden name was Casey. I have a younger brother who all attended Soesterberg his name is Brian. Just trying reconnect with fellow Falcons.

    Best wishes Kim

  6. Hey Rich:

    Trip out. I don’t travel, but was in Brussels in 1989 and I remember that exact same things. A kick-ass frites and gyro stand and the bar was called “The Coffin.” It was trippy. Also remember the record store and that the subways were so clean. All good memories. I really miss it too. Saw Edie Brickel and Bob Dylan while I was there.

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