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The US government didn’t always contract EVERYTHING out to corporate business. I can remember a time when AAFES ran the snackbars, partly because McDonalds and other fast food entities were barred from doing business with the federal government. That changed in the 1980’s. So, instead of rubbery AAFES french fries, McDonalds came in. At Chievres Air Force Base, for example, people got overly excited because a Baskin Robbins oppened next door to the PX/BX.

Well, contracting went beyond food. NASA’s Cooper Island Tracking Facility, my father recently told me, only had like one or two actual federal employees, and the rest were contract workers from Raytheon, Lockheed, and so on. Poking around with Google on this topic hasn’t really brought up much initially. There’s this memo in a PDF format; it’s an interesting read, but really has nothing to do with Bermuda. My other result also bore no fruit, but I found it interesting. It’s a collection of NASA Press Releases from 1978.

So. Objective not met. The point of this post? To park some links for later rereading.