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Category Archives: West Virginia

Michael Knost has put together a superb anthology of ghost stories, and reading through Legends of the Mountain State reminds me of one of the main reasons why I love West Virginia.  There’s something about the Appalachian Mountains and the thick woodlands.  To say it’s primal might be a cliche, but inherently mysterious and dark about sloping forests.  Perhaps, as a kid, I’ve read too much Brothers Grimm.  Fair enough.  Being a kid in Germany can do that to a guy.

The contributors represent a vast spectrum, from proven writers within the horror genre to the relatively unknown carving out names for themselves.  There’s the legendary Thomas Monteleone, Kealan Patrick Burke, Tim Waggoner, and many, many more.   Each of these authors takes known urban legends and oral traditions from West Virginia and puts their own personal spin on them.  So, that means appearances by the Braxton County Monster, haunted coal mines, and headless people.  Knost recently has closed his submission window for a sequel, and it’s bound to be as good.  It’s going to be great to see, over the years, this develop into a strong anthology series.