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It’s Not Always

Sunny in Bermuda

Beth has an abusive father.

She also has a boyfriend. The problem, however, is that her boyfriend went insane and murdered his parents, becoming a monster in a literal and metaphorical sense.

Now, after having disappeared, he has returned, and he wants Beth to join him. So, Beth faces a choice — boyfriend or father?

Frankly, both choices suck.

Cover art by Mark McLaughlin with photos from 80’s Bermuda throughout.

52 pages

6 X 9 Perfect Bound Paperback


“Richard Ristow’s writing is entertaining,intense, and shows a genuine commitment to crafting tales of horror and the macabre that are as thought-provoking and well-written as they are disturbing. A compelling new talent with tremendous potential, Ristow is definitely a writer to watch.”

— Greg F. Gifune, author of THE BLEEDING SEASON

“Into the Cruel Sea is a love story bearing a dripping wet machete, featuring creatures from the blackest of lagoons: the human heart. This is a vicious story, and a viciously touching story, and if you enjoyed Brian Keene’s Ghoul or James Moore’s Deeper, you’ll enjoy this story of relationships gone off the deep end and splashing into something…crueler than life itself.”

— Michael Arnzen, author of 100 JOLTS and PROVERBS FOR MONSTERS

“With “Into the Cruel Sea” Rich Ristow has crafted a small horror gem; despite its brevity, its characters are real and its grim surprises will make your gut squeal. I gobbled it up and now am hoping for even more from Ristow’s rich, gritty and terrifying imagination. Thing is, I just finished reading the novelette while sitting alone at home; the day is dreary and overcast, and I have only my crazy cat and three sleeping dogs for company. Now, so help me, I’ve got to go somewhere else because I’m certain Ristow’s nightmare creatures are with me, in this house. I’m outta here!”

–T.M. Wright, author of BONE SOUP (CD, upcoming, 2008 )

and BLUE CANOE (PS Publicatons, May, 2008 )


Steve Vernon at

The Rusty Nail

Michelle’s Book Love

Magus Press

Mark Justice at Horror World (scroll to the middle of the page)

Nick Cato

Garry Charles

Matt Cowan

You can read the prologue for free at HorrorWorld.


Skullvines Press Book Store

The Horror Mall

The Genre Mall

Plaza Ebooks and More


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