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I found the following in the parking lot outside of a Bricktown ShopRite:

[I didn’t fill up pool it was raining]

Good lord, what does that mean!?!?!

The other side looks like:

Nestle Quick
Cherrio’s Honey Nut
Tazo Chai Tea

That’s some shopping list.  The note goes on to say:

Kady — do the
shoping stop
[or: srop, soop, or snp]
[word unintelligible, possibly: at] [word unintelligible, possibly: school] to
get card
[word unintelligible, possibly: mom]

The temp agency says I should be back at work before the weeks out.  I hope so.

Here are more podcasts from last week:

The Drabblecast 39: The Beekeepers by J. Alan Pierce

Well, of the stories I’ve heard so far on this podcast, this ties “The Hogfaced Man” as one of the best that they’ve offered.  Weird Science fiction with touches of the grotesque, as alien insects invade earth.

Dail P for Pulp, Episode #1 (It’s at the bottom of the page)

Interesting and informative, covering pulp fiction.  Reviews, a bit of Robert E. Howard’s puritan Solomon Kane, and an interview with an visual artist working on Doc Savage related projects.

Escape Pod 133: Other People’s Money by Cory Doctorow

Reminds me that science fiction, when not about robot overlords, is quite often about speculating about the future of technology and humanity.