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I may have been laid off by the warehouse job.  I went in friday, after the agency said to not come to work.  I went because I had a time sheet that needed to be turned in.  The place really was dead.  And the usual, full time order pickers were sweeping the floors, because even they had nothing to do.  Well, it’s annoying to not have paying work, but then again, it’s the nature of temp agencies, I guess.  Anyhow, here are some of the Podcasts for the week:

Drabblecast 28: The Hog Faced Man by Mark Fewell

I listened to a lot of Drabblecast this week.  This stuck out to me as one of the more memorable stories.  It’s kind of a ghost tale, but featuring the figure mentioned in the title.

Pod of Horror 45

Mark Justice interviews the editor of Leisure Books’ horror line.  No offense to the other guests, but this is a guy that commands attention, partly because he runs the biggest, longest running mass market paperback  lines, when it comes to Horror.  There’s a new book reviewer.  It was sad to hear Scott Bradley go, but then again, if he’s off to bigger and better things, more power to him.  Oh, and in the name of disclosure, my book is part of the prize package in the Tomb of Trivia.


A few others to write about, but I’ll save them for later.


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